History of the Restaurant and Its Location:

Original building 1950th

One famous tradition supported by Galloway's Bar & Restaurant is Boquerón's annual St. Patrick's Day Parade, held every March 17th  in the Poblado. The parade tradition started back in 1986 when Margie Nelson -- owner of McGuire's Bar, later Tony's Place in downtown Boqueron -- returned from a trip to New York with some typical St. Patrick's Day decorations. So Margie and another American couple the True's, painted a green stripe down the middle of Calle José de Diego, from the old Shamar's Bar to McGuire's.  A few festive Irish-American Winter  residents joined them in parading through town, dressed in green and drinking Irish beer. When Galloway's Bar & Restaurant opened, Glady's Carlo and her Irish-American husband Donald Galloway, carried on the fun tradition. Today it is an event that attracts many participants dressed in green, accompanied by a bag piper in full attire, several local vehicles, in green, serving as floats, and the famous potato-gun launching crew which shoots potatoes far out into Boqueron Bay, to cheers from the crowd. The short one block-long parade ends at Galloway's, where revelers drink green beer and Jameson's Whiskey and eat Irish-style corned beef, boiled potatoes and cabbage.  

After "Javo" Cofresi's death, his widow Adoracion “Doris” Carlo continued the business, managing the day to day operations. In 1995, when Doris Carlo decided to retire, she leased the facilities to a younger cousin, Gladys Carlo Galloway. The name was changed to "Galloway's Bar & Restaurant" but it has continued the tradition of serving local seafood and typical Criollo food in this historic Boqueron landmark. 

There has been a restaurant at our location since 1950, when two Boqueron cousins -- David “Javo” Cofresi Ruiz and Ismael “Mao” Ruiz Irizarry -- first acquired a small waterfront building used by local fisherman to clean fish and store supplies. They turned it into a restaurant called "Ruicof" -- a combination of their last names Ruiz and Cofresi.  With time the restaurant grew in reputation and prestige, famous for its fresh seafood brought daily by local fishermen, its welcoming ambience, and excellent service. Many famous and important Puerto Ricans and Caborrojeños frequented Ruicof -- ex-governors like Luis Munoz Marin, Luis A. Ferrer Aguayo, and Rafael Hernandez  Colon;  former legislators like Severo Colberg Ramirez; artists and actors including Martha Romero and Jacobo Morales. For many years, the restaurant was the largest employer in the village of Boqueron.